TO MENU
        Life begins at forty or so they say and after always dismissing the statement it is now unbelievable to admit, as I will be turning forty this year, how much this age old cliche is ringing true! 2019 has begun with my second son attending pre school therefore I am now able to start finding time to take care of myself a little. Just being able to get to the gym again has lifted so much stress and anxiety about my health. Also 2019 becomes the first year I can see myself earning a decent salary doing the thing I love, after dreaming about it for eighteen years.
        This year also marks my tenth wedding anniversary and this morning I woke with a nostalgic urge to watch back a short cine film a close friend shot on the steps of the Old Marylebone Town Hall, cheers Kev! Dave and I married at the town hall on the 29th of October 2009 and I hope any of you who are interested enjoy.
        Happy New Year!