TO MENU
        So 2020 has hit us like a runaway train and I reached December feeling like I had achieved nothing this year. 2020 was supposed be Teddy Pig photography’s big year! I’d hit my stride with my style and approach and wanted to get out there and photograph all the ‘feels’ at as many Weddings I could have the pleasure in booking. Then Covid hit and like many I had to jump out of my comfort zone like I was jumping out of an aeroplane without a parachute.
        However, sitting down and looking at where 2020 began with the most incredible Winter Wedding in Worthing through to a Wedding organised in thirteen days due to a terminal illness, it pulled me back to reality to see how lucky my family has been during this time. Therefore this post deviates like an elephant on roller skates from my usual round up of Weddings. Here you will see Weddings, Family Shoots and my own personal Covid project which serve as a time capsule I hope will allow us all to process what 2020 has meant to us all.
        To all my couples who could not tie the knot this year I send all my love and best wishes as usual and know the next time we meet will be at the parties of your lives!!
        So turn your backs on 2020 but not without a cursory glance back to acknowledge that hopefully it did not break you!

        couple at night with bubbles wedding