TO MENU

        For me the the filthy streets of London are my favourite place to shoot a Wedding and when Faye & Iain approached me to shoot their day in the historical area of Smithfield’s I bit their hands off to be involved. Smithfield unveils so many quirky back drops to wander around and the sights AND smells were something that Faye & Iain hold very dear to their hearts.

        I arrived at their flat in South London to find the super talented Faye draped in a dressing gown painstakingly sewn together herself and her bedroom providing a home for the germination of tomatoes! Faye and Iain’s favours were seeds to provide plants for the salvation of our bees, so to say Faye is green fingered is an understatement.

        Faye was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer two years ago but Faye lives her life as a daily ‘Fuck You’ to her diagnosis. Faye got herself into that age old predicament of trying on the dress that was way out of budget and fell desperately in love with it. Without her knowing a close friend contacted the designer Justin Alexander to tell Faye’s story and a short time later the London Bride shop contacted her to announce that the designer had reduced the price for her!

        From Bridal prep I hot footed it to Holborn to join Iain and their guests before their ceremony at The Fablethis stunning venue epitomises the city wedding with three floors allowing Weddings of all tastes to have a ceremony, cocktails, wedding breakfast and party all under one roof.

        After an emotional ceremony where Faye and Iain exited to the theme tune from ‘Bob’s Burgers’ they sat down for a delectable Wedding Breakfast with tables named after their favourite drinks.

        Then in the early evening Faye and Iain joined me in an expedition around Smithfield’s Meat Market where we chatted, giggled and avoided stepping in all sorts of bodily fluids on the floor. One of my favourite images of the couple in front of traffic cones had a gentleman vomiting stage left! Only in London!

        I’m eternally grateful to Faye and Iain for trusting me and wondering their city for over an hour which I know was big deal for Faye. Love you guys!

        P.S. Faye loves cranes!

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