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        As peak Wedding Season comes to an end I wanted to write a post that explained the roots of my photographic style and where my influences come from. A project I’m working on soon in London prompted me to look back through the imagery I produced many years ago when photography was a fairly new interest to me. I initially gained my degree in Photography in 2001 and then moved to London and was introduced to a compact point and shoot camera, the LOMO LC-A which was produced in Russia and then adopted by The Lomographic Society
        This camera and other Lomography cameras like the HOLGA used 35mm and 120mm film. To achieve the colours and look I wanted I would shoot the film and then cross process it which would basically mean the colours would become vivid and slightly surreal. Since the arrival of digital and my career in Wedding Photography I still strive towards images that are vivid and of a street photography/reportage feel. Check out some of my favourite travel images from the past 17 years.