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        November 19, 2018

        Woodland Childhood Photoshoot // Standen, West Sussex ///

        June 13, 2018

        At home newborn family shoot / The Hay Family // South London ///

        Little Matilda arrived ten days ago and is now under the care and supervision of her bubbly and beautiful big sister Eleanor. Mum & Dad Hay invited me to spend a lovely afternoon with them at thei...
        May 9, 2018

        Stanley & Rufus // Ashdown Forest Mini Shoot // Sussex ///

        What a scorching couple of days we've had and don't get me wrong I'm not complaining but I was so happy to see that the bluebells in the Ashdown forest had not been baked to a crisp when I took my tw...
        May 4, 2018

        George Harrison Tranter // Newborn Mini Shoot // Kent ///

        Baby George was two weeks old when I visited him above 'The George & Dragon' where he lives with his proud Daddy Pat and Mummy Becky. The name is no coincidence as Dad is also a musician the n...
        March 27, 2018

        Newborn photography // Streatham Hill, London ///

        This little bunny was four weeks old when I visited him at home in London. Mummy and Daddy were so relaxed and hardly ever took their eyes off their precious son for the whole shoot. Beautiful Summer...
        March 26, 2018

        Poppy Emefar // Bexhill On Sea, East Sussex ///

        I had the amazing pleasure to shoot Alex and El’s engagement and wedding back in 2016 and now I have been honoured with the task of photographing their beautiful little girl Poppy Emefa. These first ...