TO MENU
        I’ve spoken before about my background in photography and how my foundations were formed in street photography and the Lomo movement . So it was incredibly exciting when the inflight magazine for Aer Lingus, Cara Magazine asked me to photograph an editorial piece on East London.
        So for three days last year I got to zip around Hoxton and Shoreditch capturing photographs Sinatra style (myyy waaayyyyy!) which was just a dream come true. Having lived East for a decade, over a decade ago it was mind-blowing to go back and see how the area had changed; and in turn I got to stay in some uber cool hotels like the hipster hang out The Hoxton  to the achingly stylish Redchurch Townhouse
        The article was a foodie based hop, skip and jump around the area visiting restaurants like ST Johns of Spitalfields, The Rochelle Canteen , The Pavillion Cafe in Victoria Park, hip hangout The Ozone Coffee Roasters and The 40ft Brewery in Dalston.
        I hope you enjoy seeing my work other than weddings and I’m definitely thinking of selling some of these images as prints so please CLICK HERE if you’d like to order one.